Why we’ve created UBoom

UBoom has been created to offer the small business community the widest range of business tools to help them boom!
Small businesses are challenged in all the same ways that larger businesses in the economy are, but often don’t have the resources to identify everything they need, or the time to find the products that will make them smarter, more dynamic, more sustainable, more profitable businesses.

UBoom is here to plug that gap!

Our core supplier base is made up of other small businesses who have innovated outstanding products to serve themselves and other like-minded businesses.

We have been clear from the outset, that in our main marketplace there will only be one supplier of each kind of product, so we can support those businesses and they in turn can support others.
Most of all, we can all support UBoom to make it the most outstanding small business resource on the market.
The marketplace is supported by an outstanding range of free to download business tools and this is something we are going to promote more and more so that all businesses know that if they need something they can always come to UBoom.
We want UBoom to become an integral part of the small business community; we want businesses to know, that if they need something – anything – they can just ‘UBoom’ it.