Easy Invoicing System

FREE BRAND PACK with every purchase through UBoom – add your logos to make your invoices even more professional

£12.50 / month

This easy to use invoicing system is designed to enable you to create invoices on the go – as soon as you leave a customer’s home when the work is complete, sat in your van or at home in the evening, or from your office, and send them electronically meaning you can get your invoices out, and your payments in quicker than ever.

It is designed to enable you to invoice your customer quickly and efficiently adding as much or as little details as you want through free text. You create the invoice and within seconds it can be sent. You can manage all your transactions on one simple dashboard as soon as you log in to your account.

All you need is to ensure that you capture your customer’s email address when you take their order – though of course the Smooth Badger easy invoicing system is so smart, that if they don’t have an email you can simply print and post as you might already do.

  • Create invoices simply and efficiently
  • Send invoices electronically
  • Set flags to ensure payments are not late
  • Monitor payments in and mark invoices as paid
  • Simple dashboard to monitor all your invoice activities

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