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Make getting customer feedback personal

From: £6.99 / month

This new and exciting programme for capturing customer feedback puts you at the heart of things. Our passion is helping you to get rewards for great service and there’s no better way than a customer thanking you personally with great feedback for a job well done.

Whatever service you are providing – installing windows and doors, kitchens, bathrooms, building work or selling a product – when you are about to finish ask the customer if they are happy. If they are ask them there and then if they would be willing to give you feedback. Tell them how important it is to you personally.

If they say ‘yes’, go into the app, text them a link and hear their phone ping while you are still talking…there is every chance you will get great feedback that will be live on your customer website in minutes, a reward for you and a way to help win more work!

And Of course, if the customers says they are not happy then that is feedback itself – it means you can put things right straight away preserving your reputation and ensuring you will get paid.

Don’t leave feedback for an email or text from your office later, you should ask for it in person!

  • Ask your customer for feedback in person while you are with them
  • Get immediate feedback for a job well done
  • Get more feedback than ever before
  • Feedback autoloads to your website helping you win more business
  • Get a reputation for delivering outstanding service
£6.99 / month
£60.00 / Lifetime

  • Pay monthly or save by paying in one go
  • Get an email alert every time a customer leaves feedback
  • Thank your customers for their feedback or respond to negative comments
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About Rating Stars

Rating Stars is the newest version of the ratings and feedback system owned by Inside The Box Marketing which has been on the market for many years. The company believes that asking for feedback should be a personal interaction between supplier and customer, a reward for a job well done, something the supplier asks for in person at the end of a job or when a service has been delivered rather than by a standard email later as so many systems are designed to do.

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