Recruiting ex-military personnel as installers

Recruit new installers from the military services

The Fenestration Industry is desperate for new installers; but with fewer and fewer new people joining the industry, access to a new talent pool is critical. Building Our Skills has put a partnership together with a military transition agency who specialist in bringing people out of the military services and into civilian life.

What you can expect from ex-service personnel joining your business:

Outstanding work ethic and commitment
Great teamwork
Ability to follow instructions and attention to detail
A wide range of skills

Moving from military life to civilian life is not always straight forward, which is why our package includes a 12-month post recruitment support package for you the employer, and the employee to ensure you are getting value for your investment and that they are happy and performing to your expectations in their new role in civilian life.

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  • All staff recruited to meet your needs and location
  • Accredited practical training in window and door installation
  • Customer Service, IT and other soft skills training as required on an individual basis
  • 12-month post recruitment support package for you as the employer, and the employee to support their transition to military life
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About Building Our Skills

Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration, Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice – is committed to bridging a growing skills gap by working closely with employers and other organisations to attract new entrants to join the industry, and by upskilling the existing workforce, to ensure it can meet future challenges and continue to prosper.

Our aim is to inform, encourage, support and inspire.

Our skills delivery arm – The Practical Training Academy, the Inspiring Talent Academy, and the Skills Academy are designed to help train newcomers to our industry, and to work with existing employees already in the industry to raise their skill levels and to help them with a programme of lifelong learning, professional and personal development. We hope that they will choose the industry as a career of choice, and not just a job for now.

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