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Let us manage your customer contact database to generate new sales opportunities

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Our customer contact management system is designed for small businesses who don’t have the time or resource to follow up their contact databases.

Even the smallest businesses develop a customer contact list over a period of time; customers who have bought from you, but may be open to taking more products; people who have made enquiries into your business but didn’t end up buying anything…but may be ready to do so if you make contact with them again; new products into your business? These might be ideal for your existing customer lists…let us take the strain and make those calls for you.

  • We will phone your existing customers to see if they want other products
  • Let us phone customer enquiries that didn't come to anything
  • Let us launch new products to your existing customer lists
  • Let us generate additional business for you from your existing customers
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About Smart Strat

SmartStrat provides a range of smart products aimed at the smaller business community. Professional call handling so you never miss and important customer call while you are busy doing your day to day job, virtual PA support to manage not just your calls but your appointments as well, and outbound tele-sales support to create businesses opportunities for you are just some of the offerings from Nicola Gallet and her team. All products are designed around the small business community to give the maximum support and to remain cost competitive at all times.

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