Window and Door Installer

£18k to £45k

Window Installers fit the windows, doors. conservatories, orangeries, and other products which go into our nation’s homes and other buildings.

A trainee installer will start with simple tasks – fitting handles, hinges, glazing seals, but will progress to install glass, and then learn to remove existing windows and doors from buildings, and then install new. Fitting windows and doors is an exciting and varied trade for those who like working outside, enjoy working with their hands, and face to face working with customers.

At every stage of the window installer’s journey training is available, and there is a clear career progression path and rewards for those who want to develop their skills.

  • A really exciting career option with scope to develop from a trainee all the way up to being an Installation Manager
  • A great role for people who are practical, enjoy working with their hands and like being face to face with customers
  • Practical training is available for those wanting to join the industry as an installerand formal qualifications are available for those wanting to become installers
  • Formal qualifications are available at all times through your career to support personal and professional development
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About Building Our Skills

Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration, Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice – is committed to bridging a growing skills gap by working closely with employers and other organisations to attract new entrants to join the industry, and by upskilling the existing workforce, to ensure it can meet future challenges and continue to prosper.

Our aim is to inform, encourage, support and inspire.

Our skills delivery arm – The Practical Training Academy, the Inspiring Talent Academy, and the Skills Academy are designed to help train newcomers to our industry, and to work with existing employees already in the industry to raise their skill levels and to help them with a programme of lifelong learning, professional and personal development. We hope that they will choose the industry as a career of choice, and not just a job for now.

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