Becoming a great sales person is an ongoing journey, and this video is the best possible starting point


Presented by renowned sales trainer Boyd Mayover this fast moving 60 minutes of video is split into 3 minute clips each containing a different sales tip and each with a key takeaway at the end for you to remember.

Using real life examples to explain the point Boyd takes on key areas of sales including the importance of listening, questioning, negotiating, handling objections….note he isn’t saying overcoming objections!

Listen to his tips on preparation here on UBoom on this product page.

In every business, especially small businesses everyone has to be a sales person. This amazing video will provide some new learning for absolutely everyone in a format that makes it easy to remember and easy to use as an ongoing refresher course.
Imagine going to an appointment to try to win business knowing that the customer wants to negotiate. How beneficial might it be to just re-listen to the three minute video on this key subject before you knock on their door?

This resource will prove to be one of the best investments any small business can make and will pay for itself time and again.

What’s more those who buy the video will get access to quarterly live Q&A sessions with the sales trainer, the option to ask questions and share their experiences, or just attend and listen to what others are saying.

Becoming a great sales person is an ongoing journey, and this video is the best possible starting point.

  • 20 three minute tips on key areas of sales
  • Real life examples to explain the key sales tip
  • Memorable takeaway at the end of each clip to help you remember the point
  • Brilliant way of refreshing your knowledge and helping you to be a great sales person
  • Ongoing FREE access to live quarterly Q&A sessions with our sales trainer

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