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In April 2020 employment law changed to make employers give new employees all the essential information they need on the very first day of employment. This up to date simple employee contracts covers all current legislation that an employer has to provide (current at October 2020) and protects you against any claims that you might be vulnerable to if you do not have the right documentation in place.

Easily customisable to meet your own company requirements, and a FREE 30 minute consultation with our team will guide you through each policy in the document, explaining its purpose and content.

The document also includes legally required Equal opportunities policy, disciplinary and grievance policies.

Once downloaded and customised you can use this document for all your current, and future employees.

If you would like to buy this product simply fill in the enquiry form and we will do the rest.

  • Fully compliant with all legislation and guidelines as at October 2020
  • Get FREE 30 minute consultation to talk you through and customise the document
  • Essential tool for all small businesses
  • Employee contracts have more importance than ever
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We are geared towards supporting smaller businesses with all the support they need to keep up to speed with ever changing employment legislation and documentation and our specialist team is on hand to help wherever we can. From the simplest questions to the most complicated issues, just call and we will be there to support you.

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