A new way of performance managing home workers

Invaluable free download for those looking at how to manage a remote workforce


This invaluable document offers all employers an insight into news ways of managing individual and team performance where employees are working remotely. Offered by Pace Resourcing, it is one of three key documents all FREE from the UBoom Club that deal with the new reality of the world of work post Covid-19

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About Pace Resourcing

Pace Resourcing is a specialist HR company offering small businesses access to the same tools, advice and support as that available to larger businesses. Small businesses are bound by all the same regulation and legislation as their larger counterparts but the implications for falling foul of any pitfalls are much greater.
We are geared towards supporting smaller businesses with all the support they need to keep up to speed with ever changing employment legislation and documentation and our specialist team is on hand to help wherever we can. From the simplest questions to the most complicated issues, just call and we will be there to support you.

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