Formal qualifications for Window and Door Installers

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Our industry specific qualifications can help drive your business forward. A qualified workforce can help to deliver great benefits to your business – better customer satisfaction through increased knowledge, consistently better quality work, fewer call backs, better motivated staff…improved bottom line.

When it comes to window and door installers this is especially so; they are the face of your company, the group that will spend more time with your customers than any other group; they are the ones that install the products in the customer’s home; the ones who will make and leave the lasting impression on your customers.

Our ethos is simple ‘Quality through Qualifications’.

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  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Fewer call backs
  • Better quality
  • Better motivated staff
  • Improved bottom line performance
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About GQA Qualifications

GQA Qualifications is an awarding body providing vocational learning opportunities across multiple industry sectors including Fenestration, Construction, Automotive Glazing, Print, Warehousing, Polymers, Nuclear and Meteorology. With over 50,000 qualifications issued in Fenestration along their ethos is to raise standards across all the industries they operate in by providing access to vocational qualifications and a wide range of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and lifelong learning opportunities.

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