You Gov Survey – Parents attitudes towards vocational careers as an alternative to going to university

Take a look at what parents think about their children going into industry rather than going to university – interesting reading!


This short You Gov Survey commissioned by GQA Qualifications gives an insight into what parents think about sending their children to university and how increasingly they believe that going into vocational careers is something that should be looked at in more detail. The parents surveyed also shed an interesting light on the Fenestration Industry and how receptive they are to their children making a career in it. The survey asks some interesting questions and get some honest answers that are well worth reading!

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GQA Qualifications is an awarding body providing vocational learning opportunities across multiple industry sectors including Fenestration, Construction, Automotive Glazing, Print, Warehousing, Polymers, Nuclear and Meteorology. With over 50,000 qualifications issued in Fenestration along their ethos is to raise standards across all the industries they operate in by providing access to vocational qualifications and a wide range of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and lifelong learning opportunities.

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