You Gov Survey – Homeowners attitudes towards training and qualifications amongst tradespeople

Take a look at what homeowners think about training and qualifications amongst tradespeople – interesting reading!


This short You Gov Survey commissioned by GQA Qualifications gives an insight into what homeowners think about the tradespeople who come to work on their property. It reveals their thoughts about tradespeople who have had training for their specific trade and those who have taken qualifications. It makes interesting reading and will help companies – big and small – in their thinking about the business benefits of having a skilled workforce.

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GQA Qualifications is an awarding body providing vocational learning opportunities across multiple industry sectors including Fenestration, Construction, Automotive Glazing, Print, Warehousing, Polymers, Nuclear and Meteorology. With over 50,000 qualifications issued in Fenestration along their ethos is to raise standards across all the industries they operate in by providing access to vocational qualifications and a wide range of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and lifelong learning opportunities.

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